A thing for jizz and precum.
What's your Twitter handle? I'm trying to follow my favorites back.

Sport1958 on Twitter, I think you already follow me!

Dude’s getting his ‘bate on!

Snowballing. Love.

Snowballing. Love.

Damn son, that was a load.

how old were you when you got your first dad dick?

I was in college, totally a horned virgin type guy, and was in the lockerroom one day with this hairy coach type. I thought I was being discreet about checking him out but he knew and was happy for me to look. He took me home and taught me some of the fine art of pleasuring a man, and he was the first ass I fucked. I sucked him off after I finished fucking him, and he sent me off as a better man.

Lending a buddy a hand.

Damn, son, you must’ve been building that up for days.

Nice shootin’, bro.

Eatin’ sperm and snowballin’.

Do you prefer girls with shaved or hairy pussies?

Definitely prefer shaved pussy. A guy needs a nice bush, but pussies should be shaved or at least trimmed well, to be better appreciated.